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AI Technology is the first platform that allows you to take out a loan against any token. Using our innovative smart contracts, you can take out a short-term 10-day loan of up to 50% of the current value of your tokens, high or low market cap.
Margin Trading Loans
AI Technology offers on-chain margin trading, enabling traders to take larger positions in native tokens than their current liquidity access allows.

Traders can access liquidity from AI Technology’s margin trading pool to power up their buy orders on Uniswap or any other supported DEX.
Safety Assurance
As the security of our users is of optimal importance to us, we have taken extensive measures to ensure that our lending smart contracts are as secure as possible.

We have achieved this by employing some of the top developers in the space and having audits on our contracts completed by notable auditors before releasing our products.
Why list with us?
We are working towards becoming the next top listing platform for all tokens to work with.

Our aim is to bring more value to projects by providing holders loan and leverage options, which in turn gives more utility to all tokens – particularly Meme Coins.

AI Technology allows traders more options to trade with their capital such as using margin to make accelerated gains, or by giving the power to borrow against their tokens. This service not only provides more choices for traders but also alleviates selling pressure on collateralized tokens, ultimately fortifying the price action of the token's parent project.
Why sell when you can loan?
Our Vision
Unlocking The Power Of Your Liquidity
AI Technology understands the current issue of stagnant liquidity not being utilized, limiting the potential and maneuverability of capital within the market. Using our tech, we aim to free up as much liquidity across the Crypto Market as possible, allowing more capital to flow freely through the market and be better utilized.
Although our native token [$AITEK] is on the Ethereum blockchain, our vision does not stop there. We have ambitions to scale to our full potential and to achieve this, we must allow users access to Loan and Leverage options across all networks. By providing seamless inter-blockchain loans and leverage trading, the market will see a substantial increase in trading volume, of which AI Technology will be positioned at the forefront to facilitate this surge. With this in mind, our platform will likely become a key component for every project in the crypto space.
Building For The Future Of Defi Trading
AI Technology is a comprehensive decentralized finance protocol, that empowers users with a range of mechanisms, to optimize the potential of their cryptocurrency assets. The $AITEK protocol provides traders unparalleled access to their liquidity through a unified platform. This fusion of innovation affords traders a multitude of options to transform their trading experience and amplify their gains significantly.
Take Control Of Your Crypto
Unlock the full potential of your portfolio with our Crypto Loan and Leverage Platforms!
Leverage your token holdings as collateral to borrow the currency you desire.
It's quick, simple, and within minutes, your requested funding will be in your hands—no questions asked.
Our process is unbiased, 100% automated, and designed to make your financial experience seamless and rewarding.
Dive into the future of crypto finance with us and get your loan process started today!
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Make the most out of your portfolio with our Crypto Loan Platform. Use your token holdings as collateral to borrow your currency of choice. Your requested funding will be in your possession in minutes, no questions asked.
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Future Developments
The Future Of Blockchain Scanners.
The blockchain can be an intimidating and often obfuscating space to navigate. While they’ve improved over time, existing blockchain scanners are not intuitive and are unapproachable for new users.

AI Technology is developing a new artificial intelligence infused blockchain scanner that simplifies reading transactions and increases transparency within the space.
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